Dr. Mir Rubayet  Jahan
Dr. Mir Rubayet Jahan

Professor Contact No : +8801712185054
Department of Anatomy and Histology Email : rubayet.lucky@gmail.com
Faculty of Veterinary Science ResearchGate
Research Interest:   Neuroanatomy, Neuroscience, Neuroendocrinology 
PhD    - 2015
Yamaguchi University
DVM    - 2004
Bangladesh Agricultural University
MS    - 2006
Bangladesh Agricultural University
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Total Number:  15

Md. Nabiul Islam, Yukio Takeshita, Akie Yanai, Amami Imagawa, Mir Rubayet Jahan, Greggory Wroblewski, Joe Nemoto, Ryutaro Fujinaga and Koh Shinoda, Immunohistochemical analysis of huntingtin-associated protein 1 in adult rat spinal cord and its regional relationship with androgen receptor, Neuroscience, 340:201-217, 2017 


Mir Rubayet Jahan, Keiji Kokubu, Md. Nabiul Islam, Chikahisa Matsuo, Akie Yanai, Greggory Wroblewski, Ryutaro Fujinaga, Koh Shinoda, Species difference in androgen receptor expression in medial preoptic and hypothalamic areas of adult rats and mice, with special reference to the suprachiasmatic nucleus and three newly identified specie-specific male-dominant clusters. Neuroscience 284:943-961, 2015

Md. Nabiul Islam, Md Zahirul Islam Khan, Mir Rubayet Jahan, Ryutaro Fujinaga, Koh Shinoda, Ontogenic development of immunoglobulins (Igs)-positive lymphocytes in the lymphoid organs of native chickens of Bangladesh. Int J of Vet Sci Med 1,2:96-101, 2013


Md. Nabiul Islam, Ryutaro Fujinaga, Akie Yanai, Mir Rubayet Jahan, Yukio Takeshita, Keiji Kokubu, Koh Shinoda, Characterization of the "sporadically lurking HAP1-immunoreactive (SLH) cells" in the hippocampus, with special reference to the expression of steroid receptors, GABA, and progenitor cell markers. Neuroscience 210:67-81, 2012


Md. Nabiul Islam, Md Zahirul Islam Khan, Mir Rubayet Jahan, Ryutaro Fujinaga, Akie Yanai, Keiji Kokubu, Koh Shinoda, 2012. Histomorphological Study on prenatal development of the lymphoid organs of native chickens of Bangladesh. Pak Vet J 32, 175-178, 2012


Ryutaro Fujinaga, Yukio Takeshita, Kazuhiro Yoshioka, Hiroyuki Nakamura, Shuhei Shinoda, Md. Nabiul Islam, Mir Rubayrt Jahan, Akie Yanai, Keiji Kokubu, Koh Shinoda, Intracellular colocalization of HAP1/STBs with steroid hormone receptors and its enhancement by a proteasome inhibitor. ExpCellRes.317(12):1689-700, 2011


Yukio Takeshita, Ryutaro Fujinaga, Keiji Kokubu, Md. Nabiul Islam, Mir Rubayrt Jahan, Akie Yanai, Akira Kakizuka, Koh Shinoda, Interaction of ataxin-3 with huntingtin-associated protein 1 through Josephin domain. Neuroreport 22(5):232-238, 2011


Md. Touhidul Islam, Md. Nabiul Islam, Md Zahirul Islam Khan, Md. Alimul Islam, Comparison of agar gel immunodiffusion test, immunohistochemsitry and reverse transcription - polymerase chain reaction for detection of infectious bursal disease virus, Bangl. J. Vet. Med. 9(2): 121-125, 2011 


Mir Rubayet Jahan, Md. Nabiul Islam, Md. Zahirul Islam Khan, Gross and Biometrical Study of the Harderian gland in adult native chickens of Bangladesh. Int. J. BioRes. 7(5):31-34, 2009


Md. Nabiul Islam, Md Zahirul Islam Khan, Mir Rubayet Jahan, Md. Rabiul Karim, Yasuhiro Kon, Comparative Studies of Mucosa and Immunoglobulin (Ig)-Containing Plasma Cells in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Broiler and Native Chickens of Bangladesh.J. Poult. Sci. 45:125-131, 2008


Md. Royhan Gofur, Md. Zahirul Islam Khan, Md. Rabiul Karim, Md. Nabiul Islam, Histomorphology and histochemistry of testis of indigenous bull (Bos Indicus) of Bangladesh. Bangl. J. Vet. Med. 6(1): 67-74, 2008


Md Zahirul Islam Khan, Mir Rubayet Jahan,Md. Nabiul Islam, Ziaul Haque, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Yasuhiro Kon, Immunoglobulin containing plasma cells in the harderian gland in broiler and native chickens of Bangladesh. Tissue Cell 39: 141-149, 2007


Md. Nabiul Islam, Md Zahirul Islam Khan, Mir Rubayet Jahan, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Comparative histomorphology of the gastrointestinal tract’s mucosa of broilers and native chicken of Bangladesh. J. Bangladesh Soc. Agric. Sci. Technol.,3(1& 2):57-60,2006


Mir Rubayet Jahan, Md Zahirul Islam Khan,Md. Nabiul Islam, Syeda Hasina Akhter (2006) Morphological analysis of Harderian gland of broiler and native chikens of Bangladesh. J. Bangladesh Agril. Univ, 4(2):273-278.

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Title Institution Subject Receipt Date
Travel Award to join Conference in Beijing World Veterinary Poultry Association Poultry Science
Young Researcher Award Shojinkai Yamaguchi University Neuroscience
Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship Rotary Japan PhD study in Japan
Dean Award Yamaguchi University PhD Graduation March, 2015
Membership Type Organization
Life Member Bangladesh Society for Veterinary Education and Research
Regular Member Japanese Association of Anatomist
Regular Member Society for Neuroscience, USA